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Selenite Pentagram Charging Plate

Selenite Pentagram Charging Plate

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Selenite (satin spar) is a very high vibrational stone, named after the Greek goddess of the moon: Selene. It has amazing calming properties which makes it great for meditation and spiritual work

Selenite charging plates are perfect for keeping your other stones cleansed and ready to work with. Simply place smaller stones onto your selenite charging plate when they’re not in use

It’s commonly said that selenite is self-charging but it can be helpful to cleanse it once in a while by placing it under the moonlight of a full moon, running under water or passing it through sage smoke

Healing properties of Selenite:
- Cleanses, purifies and dispels negative energies
- Dispels emotional trauma
- Instils peace and tranquillity
- Removes mental blockages
- Inspires calmness and tranquillity
- Increases spiritual awareness

The Pentagram

The pentagram has a history as an apotropaic symbol, that is, a symbol meant to ward off evil influences

Each of the 5 points of the Pentagram have their own element meaning, spirit, earth, air, fire and water. The encasing circle is representative of the circle of life; it has no end and no beginning. Pentacles are symbols of balance and protection

Approximate Size: 3" x 0.5"

All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

*Please note the crystals displayed in this listing do not come with this charging plate, they are for illustrative purposes only

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