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Larvikite Polished Crystal Tumble Stone

Larvikite Polished Crystal Tumble Stone

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Larvikite is a powerful stone known for its protective properties against dark magic, hexes, and negative energy. This crystal has the ability to purify our spiritual bodies by removing stagnant energy that no longer benefits us

Larvikite evokes inner strength by stimulating creativity, wisdom, and security in one’s intellect

Emotional Healing Properties of Larvikite
🖤 Dispels negativity
🖤 Neutralises powerful, emotional reactions
🖤 Stimulates clarity and concentration

Physical Healing Properties of Larvikite
🖤 Cleanses and purifies body tissue, harmonises the metabolism and helps with muscular detoxification
🖤 Calms the nerves and will cool and reduce blood pressure
🖤 Helps treat skin disorders, making you retain and maintain a youthful glow

Larvikite Associations
🪷 Chakra: Root Chakra
🪐 Zodiac: Aquarius
⭐️ Element: Water
🌎 Origin: 

You Will Receive
✔️ A Larvikite Tumble Stone (approx 30g)
✔️ Crystal properties card 
✔️ Gift pouch

All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

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