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Larvikite Polished Crystal Tumblestone

Larvikite Polished Crystal Tumblestone

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Larvikite It is often regarded as a stone of grounding, protection, and transformation

This stone is also believed to have a calming and stabilising effect on the mind and emotions, aiding in reducing stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns 

Healing properties of Larvikite:
🖤 Unblocks mental and emotional barriers
🖤 Boosts inner strength
🖤 Repels negative energies
🖤 Assists in bringing emotional balance
🖤 Neutralises powerful, emotional reactions
🖤 Stimulates clarity and concentration

Each crystal tumblestone comes with a gift pouch and a crystal card explaining its individual meaning and healing properties

All of our crystals are genuine and are therefore different shapes and sizes, due to their natural formation. You can expect this particular crystal to be approximately 4 x 3cm

*Please note this listing is for one crystal, multiples are pictured to show varying shapes and sizes

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