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Hop Hare Crystal Magic Candle - The Magician

Hop Hare Crystal Magic Candle - The Magician

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Step into the mystical world of Hop Hare Crystal Magic Candles - crafted with real crystals and delicate dry flowers... each of these stunning, wooden-wicked candles come with a tarot card, unveiling a captivating story into a world where mystique and nature converge

"The Magician" is carefully crafted with Jade Crystals and delicate dry flowers. Jade is often considered a protective stone, guarding against negative energies and promoting emotional healing. It is also believed to have physical healing properties

Fragrance Notes
Top notes: Spearmint, Lime
Heart notes: Bergamot and Green Tea
Base notes: Vetiver and Musk

The Magician - Chapter I
Once upon a time, there was a great Magician who lived in a gothic tower and possessed the most extraordinary powers in all the land. He could create potions that could turn rocks into gold and brews that could make people disappear in a puff of smoke. His powers were so great that he was feared and respected by all. One day, while the Magician was busy brewing a new potion, he accidentally spilt some of his magic ingredients on the floor. He didn't think much of it at the time, but later that day, he noticed that his powers had started to fade. No longer could he create magical potions or cast spells with ease

Desperate to regain his powers, the Magician searched high and low for a cure. He scoured ancient tomes and consulted with other magicians, but nothing seemed to work. He was starting to lose hope when he met Hop Hare. Hop Hare was a small, furry creature with a keen sense of smell. He was known throughout the land for his ability to create the most beautiful scents using the herbs and plants that grew in the forest. When the Magician told Hop Hare about his problem, Hop Hare knew just what to do

If you're curious about how this tale wraps up, there's only one way to find out – get The Magician Candle and let the magic unfold!

Burn time: 22 hours
Dimensions: 9cm x 5cm

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