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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Starter Pack - Set of 12

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Starter Pack - Set of 12

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This beautifully presented Aromatherapy Essential Oil Starter Pack is an amazing gift for your home and mind! 🧘🏻

This starter pack includes 12 bottles, each containing 5ml of essential oils, along with 2 droppers. Experience a perfect combination of aromatic scents, including floral, minty, woody, spicy, and herbaceous notes 

Crafted with 100% pure ingredients, our oils are handmade, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free 🪷

What is in the box? 
- 5ml Lemon Essential Oil
- 5ml Mandarin Essential Oil
- 5ml Ho Wood Essential Oil
- 5ml Ylang III Essential Oil
- 5ml Wintergreen Essential Oil
- 5ml May Chang Essential Oil
- 5ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil
- 5ml Peppermint Essential Oil
- 5ml Tea Tree Essential Oil
- 5ml Lavender Essential Oil
- 5ml Star Anise Essential Oil
- 5ml Camphor Essential Oil
- 2x droppers

Box measurements: Length 29.5cm, Width 17.5cm, Depth 2.5cm

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