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7 Chakra Crystal Palm Stone Set With Pouch

7 Chakra Crystal Palm Stone Set With Pouch

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This beautiful Chakra Crystal Palm Stone Set corresponds to the 7 Chakras, each one distinctively marked with the lotus flower symbol related to its respective Chakra 🪷

This combination of stones is crafted to bring equilibrium to the 7 Chakras and to refresh energy levels. It makes for an ideal present for someone looking for a powerful tool to help stabilise and harmonise their lives

Each of the Chakras are tied to our physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional well-being. Blocked or imbalanced energy in these areas can result in health, emotional and spiritual issues. Through meditation with purposeful healing crystals, one can attune the specific Chakra's frequency and bring harmony to the entire astral body

Aligning Crystals For Each Of The 7 Chakras

💜 Crown - Amethyst for the Crown Chakra provides illumination of consciousness, allowing spiritual and emotional leaps to take place. This serene stone fosters a dreamy atmosphere ideal for spiritual development

🩶 Third Eye - Grey Aventurine enhances the Third Eye Chakra, helping you to access your inner wisdom, cultivate your intuition, and uncover answers hidden in your subconscious

💙 Throat - Lapis Lazuli helps to activate the Throat Chakra and encourages one to express themselves with clarity and purpose. It is known to balance communication and inspire creativity

💚 Heart - Green Aventurine aids in unblocking and balancing the Heart Chakra, allowing one to open up and create a space for pure, unconditional love to thrive. Experience a transition to a more peaceful and loving state with this tranquil crystal

💛 Solar Plexus - Yellow Quartz activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, releasing powerful energy to inspire confidence and zest for life

🧡 Sacral - Orange Aventurine resonates with the Sacral Chakra; its powerful energy increases creative energy and sexual vitality. When balanced, this lower Chakra offers abundance and prosperity

❤️ Root - Red Jasper in the Crown Chakra helps build stability, allowing you to forge ahead with confidence knowing that no matter the height of the journey, you have the fortitude to remain earthed

These beautiful sets include a protective pouch, thoughtfully crafted to store your crystals securely

🪷 Dimensions: each crystal is approx: 3cm width x 1.3cm height

🪷 Weight: approx 108g

✨ All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

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