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Petrified Wood Polished Crystal Tumble Stone

Petrified Wood Polished Crystal Tumble Stone

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Petrified Wood is a beautiful, unique crystal, which symbolises time and transformation ✨

Petrified Wood is a unique crystal that is actually fossilized wood. It is created through a process known as permineralization, during which Quartz replaces organic matter

 Unlike some fossils, which are just the impressions made by living things, Petrified Wood is a perfect, three-dimensional representation of ancient trees

Emotional Healing Properties of Petrified Wood
🪵 Promotes deep feelings of grounding, protection and calm
🪵 Improves focus, clarity and patience 
🪵 Promotes courage and strength in the face of adversity 

Physical Healing Properties of Petrified Wood
🪵 Aids in relieving pain related to the bones and muscles
🪵 Strengthens one's backbone, physically and in terms of self-will
🪵 Stimulates metabolism and restores energy

Petrified Wood Associations
🪷 Chakra: Third Eye, Root
🪐 Zodiac: Virgo
⭐️ Element: Earth
🌎 Origin: All over the world

You Will Receive
✔️ A Petrified Wood Tumble Stone (approx 35g)
✔️ Crystal information card
✔️ Gift pouch

✨ All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

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