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Large Dinosaur Egg Agate Crystal Skull #1

Large Dinosaur Egg Agate Crystal Skull #1

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This huge Dinosaur Egg Agate Crystal Skull, weighing in at a massive 875g, is a stunning and unique addition to any collection. This skull is a truly unique statement piece, featuring elaborate natural patterning and a variety of vibrant colours ✨

Dinosaur Egg Agate, aptly named for its striking resemblance to a fossilized dinosaur egg, is a stunning stone characterized by bands, swirls, and irregular patches of red, green, brown, and black hues


Agate has historically served as a protective stone, enhancing analytical abilities and promoting keen perception. It is known to awaken innate talents and creativity and can provide inspiration and connection to the spiritual realm


Emotional Healing Properties of Dinosaur Egg Agate

🤎 Deeply soothes and calms, reducing anxiety and stress
🤎 Transforms negative energy to harmonious energy 

🤎 Alleviates fears and dispels envy and desire through the grounding of emotions


Physical Healing Properties of Dinosaur Egg Agate 
🤎Stimulates the digestive system and relieves indigestion and gastritis
🤎 Cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas
🤎 Alleviates nightmares and insomnia


Dinosaur Egg Agate Associations

🪷 Chakra: Root

🪐 Zodiac: Gemini
⭐️ Element: Earth

🌎 Origin: China


You Will Receive 
✔️ The Dinosaur Egg Agate Crystal Skull pictured (875g, approx 3" x 4.5")
✔️ A crystal information card


All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

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