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Red Jasper Crystal Power Bracelet

Red Jasper Crystal Power Bracelet

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Access the healing power of the universe at your wrist with this Red Jasper Power Bracelet! ❤️

Red Jasper, known widely as 'The Stone of Endurance' is a powerhouse for providing a profound sense of well-being

Red Jasper helps regulate the metabolic energies of the body, providing strength and vitality, and increasing physical stamina. It is particularly beneficial for those needing extra support during prolonged illness, injury or hospitalisation 

Emotional Healing properties of Red Jasper
❤️ Wards off negative energies
❤️ Dispels stress and anxiety
❤️ Promotes feelings of wholeness and tranquillity

Physical Healing properties of Red Jasper
❤️ Improves Circulation
❤️ Strengthens the immune system
❤️ Reduces inflammation and pain

Red Jasper Associations
❤️ Chakra: Root Chakra
❤️ Zodiac: Aries
❤️ Element: Fire

Dimensions & Materials

❤️ Crystal: Red Jasper (genuine)

❤️ Size: Each bead is approx 8mm, stung on elastic for a universal fit


You Will Receive 

 Red Jasper Crystal Bracelet
 Organza gift pouch 
 A crystal information card


All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

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