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LED Selenite Mountain Lamp

LED Selenite Mountain Lamp

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This stunning natural Selenite mountain lamp will light up the room with a celestial, otherworldly beauty... perfect for creating a dreamy ambiance!

Selenite boosts clarity and guidance, allowing you to clear your mind, sharpen your awareness and allow you to see the truth by connecting you to a higher consciousness

The gentle healing qualities of Selenite can be used to provide protection from negative energy to create a safe and quiet space with a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite also cleanses other crystals, renewing their energy

Healing properties of Selenite:
- Cleanses, purifies and dispels negative energies
- Dispels emotional trauma
- Instils peace and tranquillity
- Removes mental blockages
- Inspires calmness and tranquillity
- Increases spiritual awareness

Height - Approx. 15cm
Weight - Approx. 550g

Each lamp comes with a USB cable (plug not included)

All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced

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