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Amazonite Laced Flat-Point Crystal Pendant

Amazonite Laced Flat-Point Crystal Pendant

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The flat-point design of this classic pendant optimally accentuates the healing energy of Amazonite. Each woven necklace is intricately laced around the crystal, amplifying the entrancing properties of the gemstone. An adjustable string ensures a personalised and comfortable experience for each wearer ✨

Amazonite, known widely as the "Stone of Courage" is a powerful gemstone with mesmerising blue-green hues, a triclinic crystal system and calming healing properties

Amazonite attracts luck and brings good fortune into your life, making it an excellent stone for manifesting intentions 

Emotional Healing Properties of Amazonite
💚 Dispels negative energy
💚 Attracts joy and love, releasing toxic emotions
💚 Promotes feelings of self-worth and inner peace

Physical Healing Properties of Amazonite
💚 Enhances cell regeneration and healing from injury as well as illness
💚 Helpful in the assimilation of calcium and balancing metabolic processes of the body
💚 Improves sleep patterns

Amazonite Associations

🪷 Chakra: Heart, Throat

🪐 Zodiac: Virgo

⭐️ Element: Earth, Water

🌎 Origin: Brazil, USA

Dimensions and Materials
✔️ Amazonite (genuine)
✔️ String length: approximately 68cm in total, adjustable to desired length


You Will Receive
✔️ Amazonite Laced Pendant (approx 30g)
✔️ Crystal information card
✔️ Gift pouch


✨ All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced  

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