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Amazonite Laced Crystal Pendant

Amazonite Laced Crystal Pendant

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The flat point design of this classic pendant optimally accentuates the healing energy of the Amazonite gemstone. This gemstone is characterised by its calming aqua-green hue with delicate white streaks, perfect for restoring a sense of balance and serenity

Amazonite is thought to enhance self-assurance, communication of ideas, and emotional resilience

Each flat point pendant is intricately laced around the crystal, amplifying the entrancing properties of the gemstone. An adjustable string ensures a personalised and comfortable experience for each wearer

This pendant is a beautiful accent to any ensemble, and its crystal gemstone is thought to bring balance and stability to its wearer
String length: approximately 34 cm (adjustable)

All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced   

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