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Clear Quartz - Set of Runes With Pouch

Clear Quartz - Set of Runes With Pouch

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This beautiful set of Clear Quartz runes can be used to bring new energy to your divination, magic, and meditation practices

This set of runes is intricately-carved with the ancient symbols of the gods of the North, and includes a charming pouch for easy carrying 

Rune Stones are one of the mystical worlds true mysteries. Nobody can be truly sure exactly where they came from and when. There are many theories on the subject but it is believed by some that they were first used any time from 2000BC to 100AD by tribes such as The Goths and other Germanic Tribes. Over the following year the use of Runes Stones spread throughout Europe with tribes like the Angles and the Saxons using them in the west and the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish using them in Scandinavia (among others)

Runes can be utilized for more than just ritual purposes, they can be incorporated into everyday life. Through carrying a rune as an amulet or charm, one can tap into the power of the symbol and be reminded of their goals continuously

Choose a rune that really speaks to your aspirations and inner purpose. You can also wear more than one to make an even more powerful combination

You can tuck a rune stone in your pocket or place it on your desk as a constant reminder of your intentions, or wear a rune pendant so you can carry the power of the runes with you everywhere you go

Each Rune set has 25 Runes. 24 with characters on them and a single blank rune

Stones are natural crystals so vary in shape but are typically around 6cm x 4cm

All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

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