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Amethyst Crystal Power Bracelet

Amethyst Crystal Power Bracelet

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Access the healing power of the universe at your wrist with this Amethyst Power Bracelet! 💜

Each bracelet is handcrafted with 8mm spherical Amethyst crystals, strung on an elastic thread for a comfortable fit

By wearing this power bracelet, you are consciously inviting the unique energy of this crystal into your life

Amethyst's stunning hues of purple offer a reminder of the spiritual nature of our existence, believed to support intuition and spiritual awakening. Its calming properties make it a desirable ally in times of change and its use in meditation practices may help the user to achieve deeper states of consciousness. Additionally, it can help generate a more tranquil atmosphere in the home, and wearing it or having it by your bedside may lead to more restful sleep

Physical Healing Properties
💜 Encourages sleep and rest
💜 Clears the mind
💜 Boosts the immune system

Emotional Healing Properties
💜 Calm and clarity
💜 Sweeps away negativity
💜Helps with decision making

Materials: Natural Amethyst
Dimensions: 10x4x3cm (universal stretchy fit)
Crystal stone diameter is approx. 8mm

All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

Please note this listing is for one bracelet

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