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Copper, Lapis Lazuli and Yellow Aventurine Orgonite Tower

Copper, Lapis Lazuli and Yellow Aventurine Orgonite Tower

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Experience the powerful energy of Copper, Lapis Lazuli and Yellow Aventurine and the balancing properties of Orgone energy with our Orgonite Tower ⚡️

Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool and as protection against electromagnetic pollution (EMFs) 🔋

Orgonite is a mixture of catalysed fibreglass resin with copper and metal shavings, crystals, particles or powders moulded into shapes (also known as Orgone Generators)

Many people notice positive emotional effects in the presence of Orgone Generators. Some people report that they can sleep better and more soundly with an Orgonite Point in their bedroom 💤

Emotional Healing Properties Yellow Aventurine
💛 Pushes you to engage in awakening your personal will
💛 Soothes and uplifts your energy, helping to dispel negative emotions
💛 Boosts compassion and understanding

Physical Healing Properties of Yellow Aventurine
💛 Assists in removing toxins and enhancing the flow of energy through the body
💛 Helps to relieve pain, inflammation and allergies
💛 Eases skin eruptions, allergies, migraines and soothes the eyes

Yellow Aventurine Associations 
🪷 Chakras: Solar Plexus
🪐 Zodiac: Aries
⭐️ Element: Fire

🌎 Origin: India


Emotional Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli
💙 Inspires confidence and self-expression
💙 Enhances self-awareness and stimulates objectivity
💙 Awakens creative thought


Physical Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli
💙 Alleviates insomnia and vertigo
💙 Enhances circulation and improves cardiac rhythm
💙 Unblocks problems with the throat and the thyroid


Lapis Lazuli Associations 
🪷 Chakras: Third Eye, Throat
🪐 Zodiac: Leo
⭐️ Element: Water

🌎 Origin: Chile, Siberia, Myanma, USA


📐 Dimensions: 11cm x 3cm


🚨 Please note: Each item is created by hand with spiritual guidance, therefore designs may vary very slightly from the pictures shown


✨ All of our crystals are genuine and are carefully and ethically sourced 

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